29-09-2015-Browns, Birmingham

One of my female friends and I decided to have a couple of days away from it all, so having deliberated about where to go, we decided Birmingham might be worth a try. There seemed to be plenty of shopping opportunities, and the promise of a bit of night life as well, and it was far enough away to feel that we had gone somewhere without being too far to travel. As usual, I was the typical Girl Guide and did plenty of homework with regard to where the gay area was, so that we would have somewhere to go at night. And, as usual, we did Friday to Sunday without going anywhere near the gay area Ÿ?? we just lived a normal City Centre life without any hassle whatsoever. Having arrived down there mid-afternoon on Friday, we made ourselves comfortable at our Hotel, and then set off to explore the shops. We were right in the centre of town Ÿ?? literally next door to Primark, and less than 50 metres from the Bullring shopping Centre. We had a light afternoon snack at Baguette du Monde in the Bullring, and then following a wander around the local streets, we went back to the Hotel for a couple of drinks in the bar. Next it was back to the room to change, and before long we were glammed up and ready to go out to eat. We had asked a few questions during the afternoon, and our research led us to an area just off the end of the Bullring, down by St. Martins Square, which was home to several eateries. We decided to give Browns a try, and went in to ask for a table. It was fairly full, but they were able to seat us pretty centrally quite near to the kitchen and the bar, so there was plenty to see! It’s a modern building, located at Unit 1, 7 Spiceal Street, St Martins Square, Birmingham, West Midlands, B5 4BH, and the d€÷cor is modern, but interesting. You can have a peek by visiting http://www.browns-restaurants.co.uk/res … birmingham . We were soon offered drinks and provided with menus, and it didn’t take long for us to be sat facing two wine and sodas, whilst we excitedly discussed what we were going to eat. I decided to start things off with Pan seared scallops with Cauliflower pur€÷e, curried cauliflower tempura, sea rosemary, grape & shallot vinaigrette, and my friend chose the Mushrooms with Cep dusted puff pastry, and Madeira cream. They weren’t too long in appearing, and equally quick at disappearing. We soon sent two empty plates scuttling back to the kitchen. My Carer decided that for main course she would try the Duo of lamb – Lamb cutlets and a pulled shoulder of lamb shepherd’s pie topped with minted pea mash, saut€÷ed samphire, and chestnut mushrooms, and I broke from the fish tradition by ordering the slow cooked salted pork belly with Smoked Bramley apple pur€÷e, buttered mash, braised cabbage, apple brandy & Pink Lady jus. We, as always, added a side portion of Buttered baby potatoes with mint and Maldon sea salt, just to make sure we didn’t go hungry. And we didn’t. The food was served fairly promptly by a more than friendly waiter, and our conversation diminished somewhat whilst we tackled the job of clearing the plates. It was a job soon completed, and it wasn’t long before we were back chatting and putting the World to rights again. The Restaurant as I said before was busy, and there were also people sat at the bar, just having a drink. It was a very mixed age group, with three Ÿ??youngstersŸ? sat at a table to our left, and a couple I would say in their seventies to our right. We were somewhere in the middle Ÿ?? both position and age wise! Everyone seemed content with what they were getting at Browns, and no-one at all seemed concerned that there was a Manchester Transvestite amongst their midst. I must admit, it would have put me off my food if I had seen her, but luckily she must have been sat just out of my eye line. As always happens towards the latter end of a visit to a Restaurant, our waiter arrived at our table armed with two dessert menus. We had both commented that we had maybe visited Baguette du Monde for our afternoon snack a little later than we should have, but it was just how circumstances dictated. So the question was, were we too full to eat a dessert? The answer was yes. We were too full to eat a dessertŸ?íŸ?íŸ?íŸ?íŸ?íŸ?íŸ?íŸ?íŸ?íŸ?íŸ?íŸ?íŸ?íŸ?í. each! So we decided to share one. We shared our desires with our waiter, and he trotted off, only to return several minutes later carrying a rather splendid Great British mess – Clotted cream custard, meringue, strawberry compote & scone pieces. And what a mess it was! It sat resplendently in the middle of the table, whilst being attacked from each side by two rather eager dessert spoons. It put up a bloody brave fight, but alas, it stood no chance! We reduced it to an empty dish in absolutely no time. I have to admit, though, by now, we were well and truly stuffed! It was an above average to very good meal Ÿ?? nothing out of this World, but certainly nothing to complain about. The surroundings were pleasant, the Clientele were pleasant, and the Staff were perfect. I didn’t visit the ladies, but my friend informs me that they are more than fit for purpose. As time was going on, we quickly paid our bill, and said our goodbyes. We then set off through the streets of Birmingham, and were soon sat in a local bar called the Shakespeare where we were able to sit and enjoy a couple of drinks surrounded by locals and Rugby supporters. I can’t say my presence went unnoticed, but it went without a hitch. We shared some fantastic banter, and didn’t leave until the final bell had been rung! Then it was a short walk back to the hotel, and the end to another perfect day. I will just take the time to answer the three questions we always ask ourselves: Is Browns TV friendly? It certainly is Ÿ?? as is all of Birmingham. It was Birmingham Festival Weekend and also there was some Rugby Tournament on whilst we were down there, and the whole City was heaving. I got no hassle whatsoever and had a lot of fun everywhere we went. Value for Money? The meal described above along with drinks cost ô?75-00 with a tip, so as far as I’m concerned good value. Would I go again? Yes I would, and I hope that some time I will.