25-11-2015-Evuna, Manchester

Having had a bit of a mixed bag in the Ÿ??Tapas WorldŸ? recently, I was more than a little apprehensive when a long lost friend decided that we should spend some time together, and that some of that time should be spent making eyes at each other over a table of Tapas. The thought of making eyes over a table was cool. The thought of Tapas concerned me a little. The last two I have had, have both been spasmodically served. Is it a new trend? Is it the way forward in the Tapas World? Who knows, but it would appear that I was about to find out! Being the agreeable type of Girl that I am, I said Ÿ??yesŸ? to the invite, and decided that I shouldn’t worry too much about what may or may not happen. Well, at least not until it happened, anyway. We agreed to meet in the Village for a drink, from where we took a black cab to the designated eatery, which on this particular night turned out to be Evuna (http://evuna.com) which is located at 277 Deansgate, Manchester M3 4EW. Our cab dropped us off on the nearest street corner, and we strolled off towards the Restaurant in our usual confident manner. It was a Saturday night, and Deansgate was reasonably busy, so it didn’t go unnoticed that the Girl walking towards Evuna dressed in a strapless black bodycon dress, black platform shoes, and nothing much else besides jewellery might not actually have been a Girl. People can be so damn observant sometimes! Anyway, we arrived untouched and unabused, and found Evuna to be busy. In actual fact, I think I can safely use the word Ÿ??fullŸ? without being contradicted. We had to kill a little time at the bar with a drink, until our table became available. It wasn’t a problem Ÿ?? it simply gave everyone more time to look at me, and me more time to look at them. It didn’t seem too long Ÿ?? maybe 15-20 minutes I guess, before we were shown to our table. It was a well-positioned table, pretty much in the thick of things. The waiter that showed us was extremely polite and helpful, and didn’t appear to have any issues with whom or what I was, as neither did any of the other staff or customers. We made ourselves comfortable, ordered a second drink, and perused the menus enthusiastically. As you would expect, it didn’t take long for us to rattle an order together and when our waiter returned we were more than ready for him. We set off with Pan Catalan – tomato bread, to which we added: Garlic Prawns with Chilli, Calamares Ÿ?? Special Squid, Carrilada de Cerdo Ÿ?? Pork, Garlic Mushrooms, Patatas Bravas, and Spanish Style Roasted Vegetables. We both reckoned that there should be enough to keep us occupied, and we weren’t far wrong. The only question remaining was how would it be served? Together? Or separate? Hooray!!! It came together. At last, peace had been restored in the Manchester Tapas World. Once again, it was safe to go out in Manchester and order Tapas. It just proves my earlier point Ÿ?? you shouldn’t worry about what might happen. It doesn’t always actually happen! We sat chatting, eating and drinking, and had a thoroughly good time. Once the table was covered in only empty plates, we ordered a third drink and discussed the ever problematic quandary otherwise known as the great pudding debate. We knew we would be offered dessert, and we knew that having eaten what we had just eaten we shouldn’t have one. We also knew that we were two equally weak specimens when it comes to refusing desserts. Sure enough, just as predicted, it happened. Our cheery waiter cleared our table, and then returned armed with two dessert menus. He didn’t ask, he simply placed them on the table in front of us. We looked at each other, and then looked at the menus sat on the table. We held hands over the table in a show of solidarity, both believing that we could actually see each other through this one. We held hands tighter, and our eyes met, and we gazed lovingly at each other. For a few seconds, this was a very romantic moment. Then my partner released my hands, grabbed one of the menus, and said Ÿ??I’m having one!Ÿ? I was momentarily heartbroken. I had been jilted for the sake of a pudding. A possible lifetime of love had been traded in for a pudding! With tear filled eyes, and a heavy heart, I also reached for a menu, realising that this was a classic Ÿ??if you can’t beat them Ÿ?? join themŸ? moment. I could only watch in silence as I took second place in my friend’s heart to a Cr€—me Catalana. The only small consolation available was to match the move by ordering myself a Pear in Sangria. As I’m sure you are all aware, I like a nice pear! We ate our desserts in relative silence, both knowing deep down that we had done wrong. Both knowing that we had put greed and gluttony before our love for each other. Over the many years we have known each other; we have had many ups and downs in our relationship. We have battled many demons presented to us by the World we live and socialise in, and managed to remain faithful and loyal to each other. It was an extremely sad occasion, but we both knew what we had done. Once our plates were empty, we looked at each other, but somehow it wasn’t the same. Our eyes were glazed over with cream and sticky things. We held hands once again, but even this wasn’t the same. Our hands were hands that had strayed. They were hands that had both held dessert spoons. Would things ever be the same again? It was nearly a relief to find myself wanting the Ladies. I felt the need to leave the table, and at least let the air clear a little. I grabbed my handbag, made my excuses, and wandered off into the toilets. They were fine, clean and tidy, and fitted with all the necessary porcelain. When I say tidy, the only thing out of place was a rather small looking pair of knickers on the cubicle floor. I tried not to let my imagination run too wild with reference as to why they might be there, and left them as they were as I exited the cubicle to wash my hands and apply a bit of slap. I was joined by a very red faced middle aged lady who turned out to be Irish. She was very excitable, and had the appearance of having had a drink or three. She also had the wonderful talent of being able to split single words into two to be able to insert Ÿ??fuckingŸ? in the middle of them. I have worked in the building trade all my life, and have rarely heard language like she was able to produce! It was all in good fun, but boy, was it raw! She was over on a Hen Party, and within no time, we were joined by another three or four of the party. One of the girls emerged from the cubicle I had used, delighted to have found the spare knickers. She immediately asked if they were mine, to which I replied I needed more rather than less knickerage, adding that I was in fact enclosed in two pairs as it was. The sweary lady immediately asked why. I explained in language that was a little coarse, but that I knew she would understand and was thrilled to bits by the fact that she actually hadn’t a clue until I told her. Don’t get me wrong, I realise it was due to her alcohol intake rather than my make-up skills and general appearance as a female, but nevertheless, I was still thrilled. She used the word Ÿ??fuckŸ? along with several variations of it about twenty times. I was really impressed and flattered! I nearly forgot the fact that I had nearly lost the love of my life over a pudding. I eventually managed to wrench myself away from the girls and made my way upstairs to join my friend. We looked at each other and smiled. Things were going to be OK. We have been through far too much to lose each other over a pud. The bill had very nicely been paid whilst I socialised downstairs, but I did ask how much it was so that I could report back to you, so all we had to do now was say goodbye to the Hen Party, and head off down Deansgate to see if we could rebuild our relationship. The atmosphere was fantastic as we left amidst cheers and shouts and Ÿ??fucksŸ? and goodbyes. The Hen Party were great, the other customers were great, the Staff were great, and our night had been great. So the usual three questions as always require answering: Is Evuna TV friendly? Oh yes, it most certainly is. Value for money? As I said I didn’t pay, but I am told including three drinks each it was Ÿ??about ô?80-00 including the tipŸ?. So I reckon that was fine. Go again? Yes please!