18-05-2015-The Higher Buck, Waddington, Nr. Clitheroe

Sue and I are still managing to continue our fortnightly (or thereabouts) trips out Ÿ?? sometimes repeat visits, sometimes pastures anew. The other week saw a Ÿ??pasture anewŸ?, with Sue choosing to go to The Higher Buck, which is located in the picturesque village of Waddington near Clitheroe ( www.higherbuck.com ). As with many of the local venues, the Ÿ??HigherŸ? as we used to call is it was one of our former stomping grounds when, in our late teens / early twenties, we were dashing around the countryside in a white escort van drinking as much beer as we could in one night (and I’m embarrassed to say, dashing home in the same van at the end of the night!). How things have changed! Back in the day, it was a busy village pub that served food Ÿ?? now it is a busy pub, with probably less emphasis on the village, and more emphasis on the food. It has also been extended and offers accommodation as well, and as you would expect, it has been tastefully refurbished to a good standard. Our booking was for 8-30pm, and for once, we were both home in good time, meaning we could get ready at a civilised pace and still be stood in the Higher by 8-00pm. They apologised that our table was still occupied, but we pointed out that we were early, and that we were more than happy to stand at the bar and have a drink. A quick glance round showed that all the tables were occupied, or in the process of being cleared following occupation, and there were plenty of people stood at and around the bar having a drink. A little eavesdropping indicated that most of the drinkers were locals having a couple on their way home. I did stand out as being particularly tall, and had to be careful I didn’t catch my Ÿ??hairŸ? on one of the low beams that I kept brushing against. That said, apart from the obligatory couple of Ÿ??I don’t bloody believe it!Ÿ? looks, I didn’t attract any untoward attention, or at least, none that I was aware of. We enjoyed a chat and a look around, and were in no panic to sit at our table, but the staff kept us informed as to its progress, and it wasn’t long after 8-30pm that we were shown to it, and provided with menus. Unusually, we both immediately chose the same starter Ÿ?? the Crab Cocktail which was pretty much like a prawn cocktail, only it was made with crab instead of prawns! It was nicely presented, and very tasty. Sue followed this with a rump steak, which she likes to eat medium / well done. This came with slow roasted tomatoes and mushrooms, triple cooked chips, rocket & parmesan salad, and she also had peppercorn sauce as an extra. Why the chefs make so much hard work for themselves, by cooking chips three times, I’ll never know, but triple cooked they were. I had gone for one of my good old favourites Ÿ?? Pork Belly. Mine was served treacle roasted, with mash, glazed carrots, and sticky gravy. Note, it wasn’t ordinary gravy Ÿ?? it was sticky gravy! We also ordered a side of skinny chips and shared the triple cooked ones and the skinny ones between us. We know how to party! It certainly didn’t take us long to empty our plates, and I even managed to scrape most of the sticky gravy up with my knife, which had the result of annoying Sue greatly. A double result! A clean plate, and an annoyed Sue. The service was efficient, without being rushed, and our Waiter didn’t appear to have any problems serving a guy in a short dress, long heels, lots of make up and a wig Ÿ?? I didn’t spot the guy, but Sue said there was one in there. They don’t half get around. As you would expect, he was soon approaching the table waving Dessert menus around, trying very hard to tempt us and lead us down the wrong path of life. I don’t know why he was trying hard Ÿ?? he didn’t need to. I have been working really hard lately, and this has enabled to loose a couple of extra pounds Ÿ?? this leaves plenty of room for puddings! Sue, however, was strong Ÿ?? she has been on a no alcohol / watch what she eats regime since New Year, and is doing really well with it. Therefore, I had a sticky chocolate creation consisting of chocolate, stickiness, calories, and more chocolate, and Sue relaxed with an Americano coffee. A perfect end to a lovely evening. We sat and relaxed and chatted, and noted that the place had gradually emptied as the evening progressed. The Ÿ??on the way homeŸ? gang had gone home, and many of the diners had dined and moved on. We weren’t the last to leave, but it was certainly less busy than when we arrived. I’m afraid neither of us required use of the little girls room, so I can’t inform you of their condition, but judging by the bar and restaurant area, I have no reason to doubt their suitability and condition. We eventually left our table and went to pay our bill at the bar, which with the above food and four diet cokes, came to a grand total of ô?60-65. No quibbles as far as we were concerned. All that was left for us to do now, was drive home and reflect on another perfect night out, and all that’s left for me to do now is answer those three all important questions: Is The Higher Buck TV friendly? I felt totally relaxed and comfortable and drew no unwanted attention, and as we departed the gentleman behind the bar referred to us as Ladies and said he hoped to see us both again soon Ÿ?? I think that answers that one! Value for money? I think we’ve already answered that one. Would I go again? Without doubt I would, and indeed, probably will.