13-11-2015-Liverpool – in general

Having enjoyed Birmingham so much recently, I decided to try another weekend away. This time, we picked out Liverpool as a place that needed the attention of a fun loving Transvestite and her trusty friend. I’m not going to bore you any more than I have to by expecting you to read individual blogs on all the places we went, so I’ll just try and mention them all in one blog and give a general idea of the fun we had. I booked a room in The Travelodge on The Strand (the waterfront) and set off with suitcases packed on the Friday afternoon. I picked my friend up in Manchester, then headed of down the M62, and was soon parking on the Liverpool One car park, which was about a five minute walk from the Hotel. We arrived in Liverpool about 1-00pm, so it was too early to check in. This meant we had to leave our cases in the car and shop. What a pain! Lol Within 10 minutes I was walking out of New Look with a new dress. This was a good start to the weekend. We then wandered deeper into the shopping area and dropped ourselves into The Welkin (Wetherspoon’s) for a light lunch. I won’t go into major detail Ÿ?? needless to say it was Wetherspoons food at Wetherspoons prices Ÿ?? perfect for a mid-shopping snack. A bit more shopping, then it was time to go to the Hotel. We checked in without any snags, and I was soon unpacking in my room. Immaculately clean, but extremely short on storage space! One shelf and 5 coat hangers. That was it! Anyway, I managed to get everything somewhere and was soon stripping everything off prior to reapplying and getting ready for out. Less than an hour later, we were heading down in the lift towards the Caf€÷ Bar on the first floor. We entered to a barrage of singing and chanting from a group of about a dozen guys who were already well on the way to having a good time! I quickly realised that this could end up either way, so I plonked my handbag on the bar and left my friend to organise some drinks whilst I strolled across to the group, sat on the arm of one of the chairs and put my arm around the guy who was sitting in it. I asked him why he hadn’t come to my room as he had arranged, and was soon watching him on the receiving end of the banter rather than me! They moved around, made a couple of spaces for us, and we soon had them eating out of the palms of our hands. They were from Glasgow on a Stag do, and by pure chance, I had picked on the Stag when I first joined them. His best man was not at all impressed when he caught us swapping numbers later on!! We sat with them as long as it takes two girls to drink a bottle of wine, joined mid-way by a Hen Party. By the time we left the Hotel to tread the streets of Liverpool, we already had several new Ÿ??friendsŸ?. Next stop was Victoria Street, where we were informed that there was a good Chinese Restaurant. Our information was right Ÿ?? we soon found Mr Ho’s, where we sat and had a meal. We were in no rush, and just sat eating and talking. As I have already said, I am not going into detail Ÿ?? it was Chinese, it was good, I was accepted, and the price was right. Review of Mr Ho’s done! It was quite late when we left, so we decided to go back and have another drink in the Hotel, so that we weren’t too tired for Saturday (it’s an age thing!). As it happens, by the time we got back, most of the Stag party guys, and a good few of the Hen party girls had already returned before us. Maybe it isn’t an age thing after all. We sorted another bottle of wine out, and then it was time to retire. So far so good. Saturday morning saw us up in good time, ready to hit the day. We hadn’t booked breakfast in the Hotel, preferring instead to eat out. It was pouring with rain, but an umbrella sorted that out, and we were soon wandering along the waterfront heading towards Bills Restaurant on the edge of Liverpool One, where we both tucked into a traditional breakfast each. As you could have predicted, most of the Stag lads were already in there, so once again, we soon had a bit of banter flying. The breakfast was great, decent value, and no Transphobia issues. Next stop, Liverpool One, where we partook in yet more shopping. There’s a good variety of shops and boutiques in the centre of Liverpool, and we had no trouble in filling a morning in. My friend wanted to see the Cavern Club, so having stood outside it last time I came to Liverpool, I was able to steer us there without ado. It was open, and we decided it would be rude not to go in for a drink. Ten minutes later we were taking photographs and having drinks in the depths of Liverpool, in the very place that the Beatles found fame. The atmosphere was electric. Even more so, when a lone guy set himself up with a guitar and proceeded to play and sing 2 hours of Beatle songs. I was in my element, and spent the whole two hours dancing, singing, and generally being Paula. Photographs were taken, more drinks were drunk, and more Ÿ??friendsŸ? were made. Four ladies from Newcastle, another four ladies from Scotland, a couple from Liverpool and a girl from China. We staggered back out into the daylight just after 2-00pm, once again tramping the shops, buying a few bits and pieces as we went along. We finally gave in about 4-00pm, and headed back to the Hotel bar for a drink prior to changing and starting all over again. The bar staff in the Hotel were great Ÿ?? really helpful and complimentary. They both made me feel more than welcome. By 7-00pm we were back down in the bar, I was dressed to kill in a skin tight pale yellow bodycon dress with the usual heels, and a small black faux fur shrug. We met a couple of the Ÿ??StagsŸ? who had just returned from a day’s racing at Aintree. I think they had also had a few drinks as well as watching the racing. Not sure, but just got this feeling they may have done. We had a quick bottle of wine, and then headed off in the search of food. We hadn’t bothered with lunch, so we were both ready for solids. We didn’t have a plan Ÿ?? we had already spotted plenty of eateries last night, so decided to see what took our fancy. We passed a couple of places that looked full, and spotted La Vina Ÿ?? a Tapas restaurant that has a branch in Manchester. That looked like a possibility, but as we headed towards it, we noticed it was next door to Shiraz Ÿ?? a Turkish restaurant. Mmmmm, we hadn’t done Turkish for ages, so a quick change of mind found us sitting in Shiraz ordering food. It wasn’t particularly luxurious, but we both had a good meal in busy, pleasant surroundings. Once again, we found Shiraz to be TV friendly, good value, and satisfactory in all departments. Next job was to find a drink. We had been told to go to Matthew Street, so as good girls always do, we decided to do as we were told. We asked for directions, and were soon turning onto the said Street. It was strangely familiar. That was because it is the home to the Cavern Club. It’s a small World! We wandered down the street, getting various offers of free shots as we passed club after club. Soon, we saw the object of our desires Ÿ?? The Grapes. The Grapes is a traditional type pub right in the middle of Matthew Street. It was heaving, and you could feel the reassuring crunch of broken glass under your feet as you pushed your way to the bar. If anywhere was going to be the undoing of Paula Falisa, this could be the place. There was a live band playing, and a distinct buzz of Ÿ??ScouseŸ?. I held my head high, stuck my chest out, and continued my way towards the bar, ignoring the stares, deciding that confidence rather than fear was the emotion to show. I got served eventually, and then started to push my way to a small available space in one of the Ÿ??loungeŸ? areas. In fairness, I didn’t need to push too much. A path quickly formed to allow the tall girl with the long blonde hair through. Men nodded knowingly at me, and girls could be heard saying Ÿ??I’m sure it’s a TrannyŸ?. They were right. It was a Tranny. It was a Tranny, whose dad and grandad were both Scoucers, a Tranny who was proud to be a Tranny, and a Tranny who certainly wasn’t fazed by the position she had found herself in. We found a couple of stools, sat down, and in little or no time got smiled at, spoken to, and propositioned. Normality had returned to The Grapes in less than ten minutes after Paula’s arrival. She was comfortable with Liverpool, and Liverpool was comfortable with her. I don’t actually know what time we left The Grapes, but it was later rather than sooner. We tottered back to the Hotel, and polished another couple of glasses of wine off, once again chatting to some of the Hen party girls. The bar was open to 4-00am. We weren’t out that late, but it was certainly heading towards closing time as we headed back up in the lift to the ninth floor. Sunday morning saw that horrible empty feeling you get as you pack to go home from somewhere you don’t necessarily want to leave. We checked out, and took our cases back to the car, before wandering back into the centre, and back to the Welkin where we tucked into another big breakfast. The only thing to halt our incessant chatting was a two minute silence as a mark of respect for those that gave up so much for us in the War. A silence that was immaculately observed by all and sundry in the place Ÿ?? as it deserved. A final call into a couple of shops then saw us going back to the car, and starting our journey home. We chatted all the way home, but maybe a little less enthusiastically than we had on the way there. We have already decided that we will visit Liverpool again. We didn’t have time to any of the cultural stuff like the Albert Docks and the various museums, so they are for another day. SoŸ?íŸ?íŸ?íŸ?íŸ?íŸ?íŸ?íŸ?í Liverpool Ÿ?? can we sum it up with the three usual questions? I suppose we can to a point, so here goes: Is Liverpool TV friendly? I actually didn’t see another TV all weekend. Not one. However, they were certainly friendly to this one. I didn’t experience a single Transphobic moment, and had a massive amount of fun and banter with lots of people. Value for Money? This one doesn’t apply Ÿ?? apart from saying that we didn’t feel we had got ripped off anywhere. Go again? Already told you that I will be going again. I can’t wait!