13-11-2015-Iberica, Manchester

For some unknown reason, I got it into my head that I wanted to visit the Coronation Street Tour before they dismantle it at the end of the year. It isn’t a programme that I have watched much of, and I certainly haven’t seen it recently, but I guess it is part of everyone’s life at some stage, so the decision was made. We would go and have a look. In fairness, it was very interesting Ÿ?? both on a cultural level, and in my case, on a technical level. It was fascinating to hear about all the little quirky things that go on behind the scenes to keep the British public happy. Due to the fact it is ending soon, it is pretty well booked up, so we ended up going at 12-40pm on a Tuesday afternoon. Not the time or day I would have chosen, but hey! A trip out as Paula is a trip out as Paula, whatever the time or the day! We had a quick drink in a little local coffee shop before the tour, and then thoroughly enjoyed the couple of hours we spent wandering around the Studio and the cobbles of Wetherfield. Managed to get a few pictures (surprise!), including one behind the Bar in the Rovers Return. One lady next to me commented that it was a long hours and short skirts type of job working behind that particular bar, to which I replied Ÿ?? Ÿ??Long hours and short skirts? I can manage both of those admirably darling!Ÿ? She smiled and held my hand for a second. The young man who took us on our tour announced at the end that we had been a smashing group and explained that it was his first day taking tours on his own. Bet he was really pleased when I turned up! First day and he gets a TV!!! In at the deep end never hurt anybody Ÿ?? that’s what I say. Anyway, where is all this heading with reference to food? Well, I’ll tell you. It’s heading to the fact that by the time we had come out of Corrie, been and bought some new Ÿ??hairŸ? at my favourite hair shop, and wandered down Deansgate, it was time for our bellies to rumble. It was mid / late afternoon and neither of us had eaten lunch, so I suggested food. It was one of my better suggestions and my friend needed no persuasion to follow me as I headed into Spinningfields to see what was on offer. We soon came across Iberica Ÿ?? a Spanish Restaurant. Tapas suddenly seemed a good idea for a mid / late afternoon meal, so we toddled in. There was only another half a dozen or so people in, but I suppose it was a funny time of the day. Lunch had well gone, and teatime / evening meals had not yet arrived. We were quickly shown a table, provided with tap water, and left with menus to peruse. We had a natter, and picked a few items, and we were ready and waiting when our waitress returned. We decided to start off with bread and olives, and then ordered Potatoes with spicy brava or alioli sauce, Potatoes, egg & Piquillo peppers, Grilled prawns with mushrooms, Ib€÷rica burger with secreto pork loin & Piparra peppers, Twice cooked lamb, marinated cherry tomatoes & red peppers from El Bierzo, Grilled ib€÷rico pork pluma in moruno marinade & baked aubergine and Spanish rice. It was plenty to keep us occupied, but I have to say interestingly enough, they did the same as the last Tapas place I went to Ÿ?? they served everything in dribs and drabs. I am telling you now Mr Spanish Restaurant owner Ÿ?? it doesn’t work. We want our food all at once! Don’t get me wrong, it didn’t spoil my experience massively; it just isn’t how I want to eat Tapas. Anyway, however it was served, it must have worked because we sent nothing but empty plates and dishes back to the kitchen. We had a diet coke and a Latte as the meal was proceeding, and in order to ensure we had given the Restaurant a proper review, we agreed to at least look at the Dessert menus. Obviously, once we had seen the menus, we were going to order the dessert. It wasn’t if Ÿ?? it was what. We both went for the Caramelised Spanish rice pudding, which was lovely. The service was brisk. Nearly hurried, but I guess that will settle down at busier periods. The food was very tasty and looked the part Ÿ?? as I said earlier, a bit spasmodic with regard to its arrival at the table, but all in all, I couldn’t condemn Iberica for any particular failings. It is new, and it’s in Spinningfields, so it goes without saying that it looks the part. It’s called survival of the fittest. If you don’t look the part, you get trodden on. A bit like the Transvestite world actually! We didn’t make use of the facilities, so I can’t offer any comments on their appearance or functionality, but I would imagine they are OK. We paid our bill, said our goodbyes, and headed back onto Deansgate, back towards the car park and our transport home. I must say with all this building work that is currently being carried out in central Manchester it is a pleasure to tread the pavements of the city. I haven’t had as much rigger booted, high-vis vested attention for ages!! There’s only one thing better than a builder paying you attention Ÿ?? several builders paying you attention! AndŸ?íŸ?íŸ?íŸ?íŸ?í. The three questions: Is Iberica TV friendly? Yes. Called me a lady, and treated me like a lady. Value for money? The food and drink described above was a total of ô?66-46, including a service charge of ô?7-39 (12.5%). I think a 12.5% service charge is more than a little steep, so I suppose in a way I am questioning the value of this particular meal. I would have been happier paying ô?59-07 and being left to tip as I thought necessary. Go again? I would not refuse to go again, but to be honest it was pretty “ordinary”. I actually think unless I happen to be in the area stuck for choice, I probably won’t go back for some time!