10-08-2015-Tattu, Manchester

Every so often, you go out for a meal somewhere and it hits the Ÿ??wowŸ? button. Last Saturday night was one of those occasions. It was a last minute decision made between me and my pescatarian friend that we should eat, so to make a change, I handed over the responsibility of the looking and the booking, and eagerly awaited the outcome. I wasn’t disappointed. I wasn’t told where we were eating; only that it was pretty busy, and we weren’t able to get a table until 9-30pm. That wasn’t a problem Ÿ?? we spent the afternoon drinking Prosecco and putting the world to rights, and then early evening, I proceeded to change from my Ÿ??afternoon casual lookŸ? into something a little more appropriate. Actually it was something a little more little! It was purple, or what bit of it there was was purple, it was strapless, it had lots of bling on it, and even if I say so myself, it looked OK! Matching underwear, matching bling, and matching eyeshadow completed the transformation, and after a quick drink with a couple of dejected Tottenham supporters in a local bar, we hijacked a cab and headed into Town. This is the bit where I got to know where we were going. We were going to Tattu, which is located at 3, Hardman Square, Gartside St, Manchester M3 3EB and can be looked at by visiting http://www.tattu.co.uk . It was pretty appropriate actually, because I had spent part of the previous day stretched out on a couch having a little more coloured ink applied to my shoulder in the form of yet another rose. I would prompt you to look at the website, just to see what a spectacular venue it is. I dread to think how much has been spent, but it certainly looks the part. Our cab driver dropped us right at the door, and we were shown inside by the obligatory hunky black doorman. Things were looking good, and that was just the doorman! We introduced ourselves at the reception desk, and were shown through to the ground floor bar area where we were immediately relieved of ô?12-00 for two glasses of Prosecco. Not cheap, but you could tell nothing was going to be here. They wouldn’t let us put the drinks on the food bill, and wanted a credit card for a Ÿ??tabŸ? which was a bit of a nuisance, so we just payed cash and got on with enjoying the night. At first there was standing room only, but we were lucky enough to grab a couple of stools at a centre bar area when a couple made a move, and we were able to sit, chill, chat, and have a good look around. Plenty of people to watch, and an impressive d€÷cor to look at. I was starting to like Tattu. It was reaching out to the little bit of snob that lurks within me (aaaawwww come on girls, there’s a bit in all of us somewhere Ÿ?? even me!). Shortly before 9-30, a young lady approached us, ensured she had got the right couple, and then showed us upstairs to the first floor dining area. She left us to carry our own drinks, which I always find a little discourteous Ÿ?? especially when there is a staircase and a Ÿ??girlŸ? in big heels involved, but it seems more common practice than not nowadays. What is happening to good old fashioned service and manners? Anyway, I managed to make the journey complete with drink and handbag in a dignified, uneventful manner, and was soon sitting at a table for two next to the window, just to the side of the magnificent Ÿ??treeŸ? that is the centre piece of the first floor theme. It certainly is a lovely place to dine. The dining room was full, or certainly pretty much full, but I honestly couldn’t tell you how many people were involved. It isn’t a massive amount Ÿ?? maybe 50, maybe more (maybe less! Lol). I’m just not sure, I was too busy enjoying myself to do a head count. We were offered more drinks, and presented with menus by out hostess Ÿ?? Gerda, who was obviously of foreign extraction. We weren’t sure where from, but she was very polite and friendly, and gave us a perfect level of service throughout the meal. We also shared the services of a more senior girl who visited us from time to time to check we were happy. Again, she was attentive without being intrusive. The menu was impressive Ÿ?? or should I say the choice of food on it was. It was one of those occasions where you are spoilt for choice. Several different items needed sampling, but we had to pin it down to only one! I can see we will have to come here again. Eventually after several minutes of debate, and having passed the Primarni spectacles between ourselves many times, we managed to make decisions. It wasn’t easy, but it had to be done. My non- meat eating friend had eventually decided to go for the hand dived scallops with sweet soya noodle and caviar which was served on a big seashell, and I chose the Chilean sea bass spinach parcels with sweet orange vinegar and candied orange zest. They were gorgeous. Tasty pieces of fish wrapped totally in green spinach leaves with the orange vinegar poured all over them and little pieces of candied orange zest sitting on the top. I got four parcels, and would have eaten forty! They were heavenly. Having purred our way through the starters, we had a short break, before we were then presented with our main course. We used this time well to enthuse over what we had just eaten, take a few piccies, and watch the other diners. It was obvious there were a couple of birthday parties in Ÿ?? the candles and cakes gave it away, and then there was the usual mix of couples, couples of couples, and groups. Nobody including guests and staff seemed to care that Paula was sitting amongst their midst. I felt very comfortable and was treated with the greatest of respect by all concerned. It wasn’t too long before our main courses arrived. These had taken just as much choosing as the starters, and I was looking forward to seeing if they could match the quality. They could, and they did. I sat facing a plate containing saffron miso black cod with razor clams, Chinese sausage, kohlrabi, sea spray and sweet wine jelly. I have never seen a piece of fish like it before. It is difficult to describe how Ÿ??silky smoothŸ? it was. My knife just fell through it, and the taste and flavour was divine. There was a cauliflower puree on the plate which I swear was more realistic than a cauliflower itself. How on earth something so small could taste so cauliflowery I just don’t know. I’m so excited telling you about what I ate, I almost forgot my friend! Obviously, being a Pescatarian, we know it involved fish, but I have some exciting news to reveal shortly. The main course of choice was Lobster and prawn with ginger noodles, yellow bean, stem ginger, spring onion and chilli. Once again it looked (and tasted Ÿ?? I pinched a bit) fantastic. As it was late, and we hadn’t eaten much all day, and we had cleared two bottles of Prosecco plus four further glasses between us, appetites were high. In view of this fact I added a portion of duck egg and sausage fried rice and a portion of steamed mixed vegetables, ginger, and garlic to our order. The rice was lovely and tasty Ÿ?? duck egg is a stronger flavour than hen egg, and also there was the Chinese sausage in it. My enthusiasm leaked across the table and aroused the curiosity of my non- meat eating, only fish eating friend. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I sat and watched a non-meat eating, only fish eating person tucking into half of my duck egg and SAUSAGE fried rice. Not veggie sausage I might add, but proper meat based sausage. It’s amazing what an appetite and a bottle and a half of Prosecco can do to a person’s inner strength. Some definite ammunition for a little blackmail at a later date methinks! The question on Sunday morning went something like Ÿ??Shit, I must have had a few yesterday Ÿ?? did I eat meat last night?Ÿ? to which I answered, Ÿ??Yes on a couple of occasions!Ÿ? I’m sure you can work it out! AnywayŸ?íŸ?íŸ?íŸ?íŸ?íŸ?í. Back to Tattu. As I am sure you will already have worked out, we quite quickly sent back a full set of empty plates and dishes to the kitchen area of the Restaurant. All that was left to do was make a quick decision on the Dessert situation. It didn’t take a lot of thinking about. There’s no way you should visit an establishment such as this and not go the full hog, so, we went the full hog. We were given the dessert menus, and Gerda took the time to run through each dish with a description of what it was. The fish eater (or ex fish eater hehe), quickly decided that the dessert of the day was the chocolate satay which was a sort of chocolate brownie affair, covered in all sorts of delightful sauces and creams along with snickers flavoured ice cream, whilst I nestled up closely to the queen of fruit with mangosteen, white chocolate and liquorice. There were all sorts of fruits, along with a sort of brandy snap type thingy, and thick liquorice sauce. I can’t describe it adequately other than to say you have to try it! We had partaken in a further drink during our meal, and by the time we had finished all as described above, the clock was now pushing midnight. We sat and chatted for another few minutes, and then sadly, it was time to leave Tattu. I know one thing for sure; we’ll probably go back before too long! I didn’t actually make use of the Powder Room, but I would hazard a guess that they will be fine. I’m annoyed with myself for not checking, but there’s always an excuse to go back again. We paid our bill, said goodbye to everyone, and walked off across Spinningfields to find ourselves a cab for our short journey back into town, both feeling fed, watered, and happy. I will of course exercise due diligence and answer the all-important questions: Is Tattu TV friendly? Too true it is! No problems in that direction at all! Would I go again? Of course I will Ÿ?? I have to check the facilities! Value for Money? The first two glasses of Prosecco were ô?12-00. This prepared me for a big bill, but in fairness, another two glasses and the meal as described above including a 10% discretionary tip was a grand total of ô?110-00. A lot of money in some ways, but as far as I’m concerned, we got value for money. We had a night out, not just a meal, so we were more than happy.