06-06-2015-The Waddington Arms, Waddington, Nr Clitheroe

It had soon come back around to night out time for Sue and Paula. Having been to the Higher Buck in Waddington the other week, we had spotted the Waddington Arms ( http://www.waddingtonarms.co.uk – believe it or not, in Waddington near Clitheroe!), and we decided that it was probably worth a try. How right we were! Sue has been off work this week Ÿ?? she has moved her horses from one stable yard to a new one after seven years, so we have had a busy and emotional week at our house. You wouldn’t believe what is involved when horses Ÿ??move houseŸ?! I have also been very busy at work, still battling hard to get a house renovated and onto the rental market. The end is in sight Ÿ?? just! This meant that we were both ready for Friday night, maybe more than usual. I finished work at 5-00pm, had ten minutes on the sunbed, bought a lottery ticket, and rushed home with a new dress that had been delivered, hoping it would fit and look OK. Once home, it was a quick shower, try the dress on Ÿ?? perfect, and then get ready. A few layers of cosmetic product, perfume, jewellery, new dress, stupidly high heels, and some hair. By 7-15pm Paula was ready to travel. Sue had also been going through the same motions, with significantly less cosmetic product being both needed and used, and she also was ready for the off. We travelled the ten minutes or so to Waddington, parked the car, and by 7-45pm we were sat at a table for two. The Waddington Arms is a pub / restaurant. It is focussed on food rather than beer I guess, but it isn’t a silver service restaurant. It’s comfortable with a large wood burning stove, traditional d€÷cor, and stone flag floors. The menu is relative to this, offering a mix of traditional pub grub with a bit of Ÿ??poshŸ? thrown in for good measure. We had got ourselves a drink on arrival, and were shown straight to our table. I had noticed it was pretty busy, but due to the shape and layout, it was difficult to ascertain how busy. We were soon to find out. A rather pensive looking young lady approached our table, looking like she had been asked to throw us out! She started off by apologising for her colleague’s failure to advise us that due to the fact they had just taken an order for a table of twenty, they wouldn’t be able to take our order for another ten to fifteen minutes. In view of the fact that we were early anyway, this wasn’t going to affect our evening in any way, and we told her so. Even so, I think it was a very wise thing to do rather than have us sit there expectantly waiting. True to her word, within fifteen minutes, they were back on track, and ready to take our order. The choice on the menu was good, and we were informed that the specials were on the specials board Ÿ??over thereŸ?. Over there was about 150 yards away in another section of the pub. I could see the board, but I certainly couldn’t read it. As you know, it is one of my pet hates when Chef has gone to the trouble of creating Ÿ??specialsŸ? and they advise you of them by way of a board on the wall. It isn’t fair for the people sitting under the board when half the pub is staring over their heads trying to read it, and it isn’t fair on those of us who really can’t be arsed to get up, walk across, read it, memorise it, and choose from it! The result being I haven’t a clue what was on the specials board, and Chefs talents had once again gone to waste. In fairness the choice on the menu was more than adequate, and I guess had it not been, we would probably have made the pilgrimage across the pub to read the said board. Anyway, let’s not worry about what we don’t know about and concentrate on what we actually chose to eat. Sue decided that she was hungry, so we started off with a Garlic Ciabatta with Cheese. This was followed by Soup of the Day Ÿ?? which was mushroom, for Sue, and Seared Scallops, Curry Spiced Cauliflower Puree, Slow Cooked Pork Belly for me. Scallops and Pork belly on the same dish Ÿ?? I had to work hard not to have a full blown orgasm! The waitresses (of which there were several) were cheerful and efficient, making sure clean cutlery wrapped in a serviette was provided for each section of the meal, offering drinks at the right time, and clearing away crockery and glasses that were finished with in good time, yet without making you feel rushed in any way. There were plenty of other people in the Waddington Arms; with I would guess about 85% of them eating. Nobody seemed to care, or indeed, even to have noticed that they were in the company of a transvestite, and the staff certainly had no obvious issues with it. Sue and I chatted about this and that, with brief pauses as required to accommodate the intake of food. All in all, a pleasant evening so far! Once we had scraped the pattern off the starter plates, they were taken back to the kitchen for cleaning and re-patterning and our main courses made an appearance. Sue had decided that the thing to tickle her taste buds would be the Lancashire Hot Pot, with Pickled Red Cabbage and Vegetables, whilst Paula was intent on making friends with a plate of Pan Fried Salmon with Saut€÷ed Potatoes, Prawns, Parsley and Capers. As you would, we also ordered a side of skinny fries which arrived at the table overflowing from an adequately sized receptacle. For a brief period, silence fell over our table whilst we tackled the job in hand of emptying our plates. The girls checked throughout the meal that everything was to our satisfaction, and overall, I rated the service as good to excellent. I really think they got the balance of attention just right. Once again, we returned well scraped plates back to the kitchen, failing to eat just a few of the skinny fries. Oh, and I left some of the Ÿ??green sh*tŸ? that was draped all over everything. It looks nice, but I really must question as to why they imagine you would want to eat so much grass! As always seems to occur, that time was approaching again. The time when young attractive ladies approach your table, trying to lead you down the wrong path of life. The time when you have lists of sticky, high calorific value dishes thrust in front of you – the time of complete and utter temptation to stray from trying to lead a reasonably respectable life towards a life of greed, self-indulgence and total debauchery. Both Sue and I had commented as to how full we were feeling, and I was quietly confident that on this occasion we would have no problem in sending the temptress scurrying away from our table orderless. How wrong I was! In less than a minute, the menus were pushed in front of us, we were forced to read them, and our waitress was walking away with an order. How the bloody hell did that happen? We really must try harder! The result of this unfair temptation was a dish containing two scoops of Bonoffee ice cream being placed in front of Sue, whilst I had to become acquainted with a portion of Sticky Toffee Pudding with Toffee Sauce and Bonoffe ice cream. Oh well, these things happen. I have to say, my Sticky Toffee pudding was perfect. Sometimes, I think it can be Ÿ??over stickyŸ?, but this was really light and easy to eat. The sauce was obviously hot, which helped to melt the ice cream, resulting in another near orgasm. Two in one night – at my age!! (I wish!). By the time we had managed to eat the above desserts, we really had slowed down. The conversation had become slow and unintelligent, and our eyes had become heavy. We were showing signs of food overload. It was an easy decision to make when we were offered another drink. No thanks! It was time to sit and reflect, and a time to summon the energy to leave our table, pay our bill, and walk the 50 yards or so to the car. We finally arose, and walked across to the bar to pay. The place was far less busy than when we arrived, and I had a picture of people all over Clitheroe and the surrounding area, making their way quietly home having eaten to capacity at The Waddington Arms. Our bill including all the above food with 6 Diet Cokes thrown in (Oh yes, Sue and I know how to party!) came to a grand total of ô?60-50. Add a tip and you purse leaves with ô?65-00 less in it than when you arrived. Blood good value as far as I am concerned! SoŸ?íŸ?íŸ?íŸ?íŸ?íŸ?íŸ?íŸ?í here we go again. The three questions that make it all worthwhile: Is The Waddington Arms TV friendly? It most certainly was whilst we were there, and I have no reason to suspect otherwise. Would I go again? I think you know I would! Value for money? As I said above, I think so without doubt, but only you can decide for yourselves.