05-05-2015-Brady’s Wine Bar, Whalley, Nr. Clitheroe

The Village of Whalley, which is located about 10 minutes down the road from Clitheroe, has had a Conservative Club since the year dot. I can remember as a young girl (hehe!) hearing it mentioned, and Ÿ??Whalley Con ClubŸ? was well known on the local drinking circuits. I must confess, I have never been in, but I have always been well aware of its existence. Like most small Villages, Whalley has expanded rapidly over recent years with an onslaught of modern housing estates being built around its outskirts. You would imagine that this would keep the local drinking establishments busy, but as I have discussed with many people on many occasions, it doesn’t seem to work like that any more. People simply don’t go out drinking like they used to. You have probably already guessed where this is heading, but just in case, I’ll tell you anyway. It’s heading towards the eventual closure of Whalley Con Club basically due to it’s under subscription. It was well documented in the local paper that dwindling membership and even faster dwindling till receipts had caused its eventual demise. Whalley Con Club is no longer. It simply became another property on the Ÿ??For SaleŸ? lists. That was until an enterprising couple decided that it should be purchased, refurbished extensively, and reopened as Brady’s Wine Bar. Brady’s is located on Queen Street in the centre of Whalley and is easy to find. They don’t seem to have a website yet, but I did note that there is a Facebook page. I had heard a few reports that it was well presented, but hadn’t spoken directly to anyone who could give me the full run down on things. I knew food was served, so suggested to Sue that we added it to our Ÿ??places to goŸ? list. Little did I know that an opportunity would arise sooner that I thought! Sue and some of the Girls from the Stables had decided that the morning of Bank Holiday Sunday should be spent firstly getting the horses in from the field and bedding them down for the day, and then secondly, tucking into a cooked breakfast prepared by someone else. They also thought it would be fun if Paula wanted to join them. She did! So, Sue started ringing around trying to book a table for 12 people for Sunday Breakfast. Not as easy as you would think in our part of the World. It was starting to look like it might not even happen! Luck shone through, though. Just as she was in despair having run out of ideas, I was reading the local paper which had run an advertisement feature on Brady’s Wine Bar. And, they were proud to announce that they were open for Breakfast and other foodstuff from 9-00am on Sundays. Perfect! A telephone call confirmed that the advertisement was in fact correct, and they would be happy to see us on Bank Holiday Sunday. Sue and I had been down Manchester to a Wrap Party on the Saturday night, so a lie in might have been nice, but as always in our house, it wasn’t to be. We were up and about first thing so that Sue could go and tend to Dylan and William Ÿ?? her beloved horses, whilst Paula prepared herself for a trip out. Make up was applied, and an outfit consisting of black leggings, a pink fluffy jumper, black knee length boots and matching jewellery was chosen. Hair was brushed, purse was topped up, and I was off in the car at 9-30am to meet the Girls down at Brady’s. Some of them were already in when I arrived, and the rest arrived over the next twenty minutes or so. We were soon a table of twelve noisy, giggling, happy Ÿ??girlsŸ? all busy talking about everything and everybody! It was a lovely atmosphere and I felt honoured to be included in it. The menus were already on the table, so we all chose and wandered over to the bar to order and pay for the food. At first I was disappointed that we couldn’t order our food at the table, but on a practical note, it was easier for everyone to order and pay individually. It prevented the inevitable debate at the end when trying to split a bill between twelve people, some of which had more than others, and some of which had less. Sue and I both went for the full Irish Breakfast, which consisted of bacon, sausages, roast tomato, fried egg, potato farl, a large flat mushroom, baked beans, white and black puddings, and toasted soda bread. All served on a dish type plate which was fairly full to say the least! Sue had a pot of tea, and I had a fresh orange juice. Most of the girls had the same, with just a couple opting for a little less. There’s plenty of choice of varying portion sizes from a simple sausage and egg sandwich upwards. The service was a little slow, but we weren’t in a hurry, and in view of the fact that everything is freshly cooked, I don’t think it would be fair to criticise. It wasn’t too long before the incessant chattering had downgraded to more of a content purring sound. The lady that served our food was fun. She had been working the night before until the wee small hours, and was feeling the pain. She was also quite fascinated by the appearance of a TV at the breakfast table, and I was able to exchange a bit of cheeky banter with her. She wasn’t expecting me, didn’t at first know how to handle me, but ended up hoping to see me again. (Or at least that’s what she said!) By the time we had cleared our plates (literally, all of us!), and finished discussing all the things that girls discuss, it was midday. Throughout the morning people came and went, and I guess there were well over 40 breakfasts served. Brady’s is very smart, with bare brick walls, lots of exposed timberwork, and good solid traditional furnishings. It wouldn’t look out of place in the middle of Manchester. I didn’t check the facilities out, but have since heard reports that they are quite special. I guess we will have to go again and have a look! In all honesty, I don’t think it will be too long before we go again. Maybe in the evening next time. We eventually left the table, giving Brady’s a chance to recover from our visit and ready themselves for the rest of the day. Sue and the Girls went back off to the horses as they inevitably do, whilst Paula went back home, changed into something small and tight, and shot off down into Clitheroe, where she remained until somewhere around midnight. There’s probably another tale or two to tell, but being the Lady that I am, I probably won’t be telling them. I will, however, bob an answer on to the end of the three burning questions: Is Brady’s TV friendly? In all fairness, I don’t think many people noticed me, but I didn’t sense any problems from those that did. Value for money? Sue paid!!!!!! I do happen to know that the breakfast was ô?7-95 and the drinks were extra. That’s probably the going rate for what we had. Besides, you can’t really put a price on sitting with 11 girls having fun. Go again? Watch this space. I’m certain we will go again.